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9MT - The Bigger Bunker



A class 9 loco with class 4 coal capacity was never going to work, also the twin axle rear bogie kicked out beyond the rear buffer beam. The end of the bunker was cut off where the footstep indentations were on the bunker tops and then slits cut to separate the sides from the coal load and supporting structures. Two scrap bits of plastic were cut to the right size to splay out the sides so they were parallel and more supports glued in to hold them. A steel rule clamped to one side helped to get things square.




After 24 hours another bunker section was cut from gbl loco #2 from immediately behind the rear cab sheet and glued on. 




Much bigger :)


After a quick going over with a file once solvent had set to see where we are with joins we start to get an idea of how it will look.




You can see that I've added a section of the gbl body lower that carries the cab backhead and pipework. Again another section was grafted on under the bunker, both screw fixings used to hold it all steady while the solvent set.




Needs tidying and the "pipework" under the bunker extending up to the weighshaft area. Sadly the 9F chassis will need some metal shaving off to allow the cab floor to sit right on it, which will mean a complete strip down so I don't get aluminium particles in the gears etc. The motor mounts suffer from mazak rot in any case and a new pair are on order from Hornby. Guess why the loco was cheap .......

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Not much done since, just a bit of filler over the joins. By the time I get round to working on it again it will be nice and hard ;)

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