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Zanussi Signage, Platform Numbers and Traverser Details.

Ray Von


After much discussion and thought, the "Railfreight" depot is now a "Zanussi" warehouse (special thanks and credit go to Nearholmer https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/profile/26817-nearholmer/ for the idea.)

The signage was easy enough to find online - one of them is for "Zanussi Professional" - I imagine this would be the industry arm of the business.

I decided to keep the Railfreight and BR logos in situ, I doubt it's very prototypical practice - but I think it looks ok.




I also printed out some platform numbers, mounted on thin plasticard and fixed to the platform shelters. This is one of those jobs that once done, can't actually be seen particularly well from the operational viewpoint - but if you imagine being an N Scale person on the platform, they seem to fit in nicely!






Other little jobs attended to today were the addition of a permanent "riser" for the track on the traverser deck - this was due to a difference in rail heights.  I also added a plasticard strip at the other end of the traverser (to prevent unwanted plummeting!)






Thank you for viewing!


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