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Connoisseur Models O Gauge Industrial Shunting Tank Build by TheLocoWorks



A new O Gauge commission build by TheLocoWorks for a private industrial tank locomotive, based from the Connoisseur Models 0-4-0 tank kit.  My requirement for this model is broken down as follows:
Highly Detailed Cab Interior, using various components
Extra detailed chassis
Slaters sprung horn blocks
DCC control with Lights, Sound & Smoke

The first part to tackle on this kit is cutting the frames to accept the slaters sprung horn blocks.


Progress has started with the assembly of the horn guides into the etch chassis ensuring that both sides are aligned.  The chassis has then been folded up and put to one side to concentrate on the body, whilst we await the motor and gearbox. 


The body is simple to solder together starting with the cab beading detail, and moving on to the tank sides, all of these elements are then soldered to the footplate, tack soldered first and then check with an engineers square.

I’ve then moved on to the cab details, there are a number of parts here from a scrap bin to replace the basic cast parts from Connoisseur, i also wanted to ensure that the whole cast firebox could be removed for detail painting (it becomes to difficult when fitted).




The next step is looking at what DCC components i will use in this little locomotive knowing how tight for space we are


more to follow........



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