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Dapol Mogul 6324

Mick Bonwick


No blow-by-blow account for this subject, just a photograph of the end result.


Airbrushed Railmatch Frame Dirt for the underparts, with Weathered Black addded for the sides and ends. Weathered Black for the tops of smokebox, boiler and cab, with Mig Productions Black Smoke pigment on the smokebox and cab roof. Small quantities of Mig Productions Industrial City Dirt, Dark Mud and Track Brown in appropriate places around and about and some AMMO by Mig Fresh Engine Oil on the coupling/connecting rods. Wet paint was manipulated with a white sprit dampened wide flat shader brush and a couple of areas were tackled with a soft cotton bud to impart a vague sheen. A hint of Weathered Black was added to wheel centres and axle box covers.


I noticed that the Railmatch jar I opened for this model has a new lid arrangement, and it seems (so far) to be much better than the previous fragile plastic lid with paper insert.



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Fingers crossed that the June and Sept course go ahead and that I will be able to see face to face how you get these wonderful results!


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Hi Iain,


Sorry for not spelling your name correctly in my previous message.


I, too, am hoping that we can go ahead with some workshops this year.


There are some tips in the Missenden Abbey Railway Modellers website, from the Autumn Weekend Zoom session recording. Almost face-to-face. :D




There will be some more at the Spring Weekend in March.





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Top job. Slight hiccup when I read the word "underpants" in your description above. 


Rob. I

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Very nice too Mick but for someone who's not a fan of the Western you seem to do quite a few of their locos.:P

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Thank you, Robin. Just because I 'do' them doesn't mean they're mine. :biggrin_mini2:


I'm quite happy making all sorts of things dirty, including things that aren't Southern. I disciplined myself (!) to model the Southern for two reasons:


1. It's where I was born and brought up.

2. I had to draw the line sonewhere.


Until the self-discipline moment I had American HO, German (KPEV) HO, Swiss metre gauge, UK steam, diesel and electric in OO and O from all eras. Not all of it weathered. I still appreciate good models even if they can't stay at home with me any more, and I welcome the opportunity to handle them from time to time.

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