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A revised Track Plan (v.18)



Baseboard construction was put on hold this week due to the creation of a credible Signal Box Diagram. While I’d been waiting for the glue to dry on each section I’d put some thought into the signal diagram and how engine movements would be controlled. Even though I’ve read a few books on the subject I eventually realised that I needed some guidance and posted a request on the Scalefour Society’s Forum for advice. The information I received was superb and highlighted a number of issues with my original track plan and future thoughts.


If you have a few moments to spare, as it does run to 45 posts, the forum thread can be found here.


In a nut shell, the main issue I had with the plan was the control of movements across the crossover that allowed exit/entry to the Engine Shed. The general consensus was that railway companies tended to build track layouts that were cost effective for the location, (in both track and signalling).  It was thought that my crossover design added a level of complexity that the GWR would not have built.


So I set out to draw a simplified track plan which, like the GWR, will save me money in track and signalling components along with time in construction



Luckily I’ve been able to draw the new track plan to, as near as dammit, fit the profile boards that I’d previously cut. The outcome has created a more prototypical plan and looks better for it.



 With the original track plan, if all my thoughts had come to fruition, I was looking at around 30 levers in the signal box. The new track will only require 20. The number sequence above is not set in stone because the creation of a locking table and dog chart might highlight levers that could be moved to simplify the interlocking. At this moment I’m not sure if I’ll build the locking frame as a  mechanical or electrical frame, one thing for sure is it will be a project in its own right.

Baseboard construction has restarted so my next post should show them built, painted and ready for track construction to begin.

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