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16mm - Return of the Lister

Fen End Pit



Some time ago my Lister stopped working during an exhibition, it was returned to its stock box in disgrace and, in the absence of any exhibition outings to provide the impetus to repair it, there it had stayed. However a  birthday present of a copy of 'Picking, Packing and Processing of Peat' by Paul Webb published by the Moseley Railway Trust spurred me into action. It contained too many nice photographs and drawings of Lister locomotives  for me to ignore the overdue repair. Dismantling the locomotive showed up the problem quite quickly. The DCC chip is located under the roof and has four wires from the chassis passing up one of the corner supports. When two of the wires detached before I even pulled them it confirmed that the issue was a broken joint in the wiring. This time I attempted to do the job properly, fastening the wires to either side of a 4-pin Molex style socket. This means that the chassis can be removed from the body and the wiring disconnected.




The wiring hides in the canvas weather protection but I need to do more to hide them at floor level.


The locomotive is now back in working order, all we need now are some exhibitions.... maybe later this year.




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