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Titfield Thunderbolt in OO - "Wisbech" Carriage modified out of a Bachmann "Henrietta"




I wanted a quick, easy and cheap coach for my "Titfield" stock so I thought I'd use the Bachmann Thomas the tank "Henrietta" which depicts a 4 wheel Wisbech coach


I am well aware the one in the movie is a bogey coach, so I may make a new one accordingly in the future, but I'm happy with this for now as it fills the void, I could also try fitting rather small (HO perhaps?) bogeys over axle boxes but again we'll see


Rapido have announced a possible Titfield range but I quite enjoy bashing these things myself so I certainly won't stop, how I'm going to tackle Lion is a total wait and see as there's 2 possible RTR ones floating about


More to follow - cheers for looking!




























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