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The Long Drag to Garsdale #8 Garsdale Revisited 2021

Southern Fabricator



OK not quite but getting on with it. Been involved with looking after my wife after her hospital operation that was supposed to be a fortnight ordeal unfortunately turned into a years recovery saga for her and is still ongoing.


Have had some spare time to myself lately and have got my enthusiasm for modelling back.

Garsdale station workers Cottages have had their back yards mostly completed as much as one can go. Matching the walls to the adjacent cottages was a mission (about 3 to attempts) paint wise and the main problem was that the yard spaces themselves were under scale due to the revised viewing and operating positions being reversed earlier.

Not having a photographic clear view of the walls themselves made for some interesting modelling decisions. In the end I think the final result worked well for me.


 I spent some time ensuring that the control panel LED’s actually indicated the correct track route, and that the micro switches on the point servo units are wired properly for them. Fortunately I had notes with drawings as the months of slow progress also had affected my memory of the track work wiring of the single and double slips operation.

I found it necessary to recheck wiring into the strip connector blocks as some of the wire insulation was isolating the electrical flow from my micro switches. Plastic sheathing on wire when screwed down acts as a good insulator!

So all in all, a good exercise for me to remember to test all circuits when installing and not leave it for several months later.

As I’m progressing with many irons in the fire for my representation of Garsdale Station.

It’s diorama is one that has taken time to develop as one learns what works and what idea needs modifying further. It has been a while since I attempted to make trees that appeared suitable and at last tried placing them on the station to see their effect to see their effect. The jury is still out on whether I produce some more of the same but improve my method.




Garsdale to Hawes Back Loop 2.JPG

Nrth End Tree Positions 1.JPG

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Beautiful cottages. Amazing how complicated colour matching can be. The result here looks good to me.


Best wishes for your wife's recovery, sounds like a tough time. I hope there'll be a bit more time for you to do some modelling.

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