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Yet more sheeted wagons

Dave John


The bench has been occupied by some non-railway stuff, but back to wagons now. Sheeted wagons tend to be modelled in far fewer numbers than period photos indicate that they were used, so I’m slowly trying to nudge the proportions in the right general direction.


I am still trying to get sheeted wagons to look reasonably right. Having proper tie down cleats and roping from the edge helps, but the sheets themselves really need to look like Caledonian sheets with individual numbers. I have been messing about trying to achieve that, improvement of earlier attempts.


These were created in “Sketchbook” though many similar drawing packages are out there. The use of layers allows me to easily change the sheet number.  I spent quite a while messing about with colours and print densities when used with a variety of substrates. The issue is getting something which can be made to conform to the load and still allows a reasonably sharp print, In the end I found that a medium weight matte photo paper gives a reasonable result when treated with photo sealant. It is still fairly still in use, perhaps representing a sheet in new condition.


To get it creased each sheet was scrunched up, then unfolded and folded back up in the correct manner for an unused sheet. Several foldings and unfoldings seem to be required. following that ezline sheet tie loops were added round the edges.


Anyway, thats how they came out. Loads underneath are just softwood hewn to shape, the wagons are a D15 and a D24 made up in my usual way.













Even caught a bit of evening sun in this one.






Ok, next project.

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Those look very good and above all convincing, can you provide more detail on the roping and cleating, please

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The method used for the cleats is the same as last time Caledonian. 



It is a bit fiddly and makes painting the wagon a bit trickier, but seem to work . Some wagons had T shaped cleats, hmm, not sure how to do that . 


I also made up a simple jig to aid glueing the ties to the sheet. 





Some good film there Compound. Flapping sheets ?  They would have to be incredibly thin to make that happen in model form. I did try printing to thin tissue paper, but it just turns to mush. 

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Do you have sheet ties at the corners? I think the usual (i.e. Midland*) arrangement was 16 eyelets along the perimeter (3 on each side plus the 4 corners) plus 3 on each side on flaps sewn into the first seam.


*but I'd expect there was an RCH standard.

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I thought about corner ones, but decided it was getting a bit too crowded round the jig. Might have a go next time. I did add the corner markings to the print though. Having folded them as recommended it dawned on me that the corner markings are there so that the sheet can be identified when folded up. 

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Always love your modelling on Kelvinbank ... very inspirational and gives the rest of us pause for thought....


Well done on the latest creations.


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They look good Dave, I like the weathering. On my own sheets I've started folding and bulging them a bit along the lower edges. Although on the prototype the edges are often quite straight, it doesn't always translate well when scaled down. It's probably harder to do on paper prints though (I stick mine to foil).




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The paper is labelled "photo paper direct" and has a code SKU PPD - 54. It isn't as good as real epson photo paper, but that is thicker and not so good for sheets .


I used Ghiant matte sealer as a coating. 


Will it fade? I have no idea really, time will tell. There comes a point where the question becomes " will it fade before I do ? " 


Seriously though , if it does fade it might look realistically faded , or it might look horrible. If it's the latter I just hit print and fit a new one . 




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