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Old Priory - 5 - Update (April 2021)



My track from Peco finally turned up! Its only taken 10 months, but I have my first box of code 75 concrete sleeper track, yay! This is of course in jest, I know Peco have been very unlucky over the past year, so thank you to them!


I have been playing with the track plan as I just wasn't happy with it. The helpful ideas suggested to me in previous posts were playing on my mind and although I wanted 4 running lines, It would have been expensive and difficult to get right. I have to remind myself that this is my first ever layout and its a learning curve. I would rather not be like Top Gear: Ambitious, but rubbish!


So that in mind, I bought AnyRail 6 and started from scratch, I moved the station area to the side of the loft as I think I will still be able to access the eaves for storage and that gave me a longer run for the platforms. Not as long as I would like, but better. I moved to two running lines, but a junction where two split into four which should create a bit of interest. I've added a small branch line that will disappear behind a scenic board as well. I have based it on a real station, see if you can have a guess which one on the Brighton Mainline!


The loft is slowly getting there, plasterboard and insulation is going up, once that is done Ill paint everything white and get the wiring done. Im doing it myself along with a fulltime job, so progress is slow!

Old Priory IV.JPG


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