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Stour Valley Dream - One step forward - Two steps backward

Fen End Pit



Over the last week I been able to build up the road surface around the level crossing and but in the Sculptamold between the road and river. I also 3D printed some picket fencing and the wicket gates for the crossing and fastened these in place. The overall effect doesn't look too bad.




But then I looked back the the river and saw that what had initially looked like a perfect pour of Woodland scenics 'deep water' now looked horrible! I think the issue was that I poured one layer, realised I didn't have enough resin, ordered some more and pour a second layer about 2 weeks later. There appeared to be a layer of grey algae spreading between the two layers. As is there had been 'something on top of the first layer which has reacted, over time with the bottom of the second.



I've decided I couldn't live with it so the whole load had to come up, fortunately without too much damage. I now have a quandary - I don't think I have enough resin left to do the job in one.. I think I'm going to need to take out a 2nd mortgage to buy another lot of resin to ensure that I can complete the job in one go. I managed to remove the bridge girders without damage and I think I can clean up the abutment enough in-situ.



To add to the frustrations I have now got a bit stuck with the J20. I thought I'd attach the cab to the foot plate and made a start on etches. The cab front was missing any beading around the windows and lacked a distinctive grill  for ventilation. On closer inspection it also became clear that the windows were a completely different shape to the drawings and photographs. If they had been a little too small it would have been easy but no, they are a little too tall and trying to fill the gap is a non-starter as if I solder a piece of brass in it will only fall out when I try to solder the front and sides together. The cab sides also have windows which extend 1mm too low and the holes for the handrails are too low as well.




So it is a dive into CAD to draw new parts for the cab.... grrrrrrr






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Could you not build up the level of the river bed so that you can pour a thinner layer of resin in one go. It is possible to create the illusion of depth by pre-painting the river bed with graduating darker tones towards the centre. Good luck.

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