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GWR 1361 Saddle Tank Part 2



Another bank holiday and a bit more time at the tinking table working on the 1361. The cylinders and slide bars are done, crossheads fettled and con rods added. CSBs are fitted and all runs smoothly.

The cab, roof, smokebox, bunker and tanks have been fashioned from about a million bits of brass. Everything has an overlay. Even the overlays. Thank goodness for my RSU. The kit is carefully thought out and any mistakes are mine. I can see a couple of things in the photos that are going to need tweaking.

It's starting to resemble a series of component parts which are ready to be fitted together, once they've had a thorough clean up. Still I'm a happy chap as it's been quite a while since I've built an engine and I'm enjoying it.











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Good to see progress. But don't forget the splashers! :jester:

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