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Two Ends Are Nigh




I have long thought that if you stare at a problem for long enough the solution will eventually arrive all by itself. On this occasion the problem was how to accurately build the framework for the end windows and the time thinking about it was considerable! The solution was satisfyingly low twch and obvious. The little montage should show my basic but effective jig and if I had thought it was going to work so well I would have used a better bit of wood. As it was, I stuck the plan view of the end onto the bit of 2x1 and drilled a snug fit hole for each of the uprights which were 1.5mm square brass. These were pushed through the block and the top frame soldered in place. The beauty of it now was that I just pushed the uprights further up and soldered the bar in and so on, everything being held in place perfectly.






In the next to pics the window assembly is only blutacked so not quite straight at this stage. The other part of this assembly which caused me much thought was the bulge between the bottom frame and the op of the panelling. This was to allow the control and brake handle to swing out and such had to be hollow. Sorry, there are no pictures of this bit going together but a solid back piece was soldered on then a painstakingly cut out top and bottom attached. The back panel was then drilled and filed out and the outer curved section carefully soldered on – phew!






So here we are, both ends in place, seats temporally fitted and starting to look like a tram.



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That is coming along very nicely - and your fingers only show slight signs of damage!


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Thanks David, and unfortunately my fingers have been a source of some delay and discomfort as they crack terribly at the slightest hint of cold weather and make fine work rather a chore. I have tried all sorts of things to combat this with no success so far but was recently recommended the stuff that diary farmers put on cows udders. As it happens, I do actually know quite a few farmers but will have to pluck up a lot of courage to ask as they will probably laugh at me - a lot! 

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