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The start

Jack Benson




Peckett George Jennings of the South Western Potteries, Parkstone, Poole


This is the start of the building of a working diorama of the pottery factory end of the line on two 42"x13.5" lightweight ply boards.


Some progress,

A bargain from Rails of Sheffield has arrived, a set of plates are on order from Narrow Planet. A cast brass dome and valves from RT Models await fitting as do couplings. It will be repainted and finished as George Jennings.


An 'Anyrail' trackplan has been drawn by Brian, this was done to prove the trackplan was possible with standard Peco turnouts - three mediums and a small, all left. It deviates slightly by moving the turnout to the Salterns Quay to the run-around loop, otherwise it is faithful to the original.




Finally, a source of pottery buildings has been found, these will reduce the amount of scratchbuilding though the large factory model shown below will be heavily modified.


All other buildings will be bodged and fettled from bits of this and that, as appropriate.



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Good to see you moving ahead with this. The pottery buildings you've found, are they the Skytrex ones perhaps? 

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