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Mole began whitewashing his house...

Florence Locomotive Works



...or something to that affect.


Hello all,



While I was not whitewashing anything recently, I have done a good but of track painting. Or I was until I ran out of brown paint, and as it’s Memorial Day today none was to be had. However the results so far are looking quite good, especially as this is only the second time I have ever painted track. Although I know now that it should really be done once the track is glued or pinned down permanently.




A cutting has also been made in the hill for the street to pass through. This was done using my Japanese pull saw that I got for Christmas, it’s one of the few times I’ve had the chance to use it, and it made an excellent cut. That area along with the area behind the soon to be retaining wall have been lightly brushed in a red earthy color, to make the hill look less like a giant piece of chalk. 



Ballasting and adding of greenery was due to be done today, I typically do this outside as I find ballasting in particular to be an extremely messy business. However it ended up raining today, so that will be out off until Thursday probably, after the area under the tracks has been painted.


( @Edwardian, Honorable Mayor, what would be the best color for the area not covered in ballast in an medium sized SECR station?)



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J. S. Bach

Posted (edited)

I once painted some O scale track brown:


As you can see, I was not too careful!


BTW, that is a ten-inch radius curve across a double-track through route. Although at this time the route has been cut back to the loop pending further thought on the new layout.


Ten-inch radius in O standard gauge?? Trolley/interurban line. I have a two car train of fifty-foot interurbans that will go around that loop coupled.


Edit: I think that I used aquarium gravel for the ballast.


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I think it’s better to paint the track before it goes down, Douglas. It’s much easier to paint the sides and ends of the sleepers.

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5 hours ago, Northroader said:

I think it’s better to paint the track before it goes down, Douglas. It’s much easier to paint the sides and ends of the sleepers.

I agree Northroader, but after watching a Chadwick Model Railway video last night I remembered I had an airbrush that I could use, which I think will work better with the track laid down.

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