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16mm photo-plank - Started on the building

I've been doing a number of projects over the last month. More on the etches for the 4mm J17 and also playing with the electronics for my level crossing.


Meanwhile as a more practical modeling activity I've made a start on the shed which is my 16mm photo plank project. The sides of the shed were laser cut in 6mm and 3mm ply. I've deliberately made the back wall in two parts to give me some reasonable thickness for the wall. I have just sanded the outside and have the option to produce an outer shell in the event that I want to include the shed as part of a layout in future.


The insides of the walls were covered in Sculptamold, a layer about 3mm thick. I've been really impressed by how Sculptamold sticks to the ply surface. After about 10 minutes of going off I rolled the surface texture with my 3D printed rolling tool. This came from the Thingiverse. I modified the original 'crazy pavement' version, doubling the diameter. This means that the stones became longer and more suitable for a stone wall. I also modified the shapes slightly adding a couple of extra lines  with model filler.




I turned the tool over so the pattern repeat isn't too visible, I also added some additional lines with a scribing tool while the Scupltamold was still green. Finally I used a stiff old toothbrush to add just a little more texture to the stone surface.




The effect I'm after is going to be a weathered whitewash inside for the building like this at Threlkeld.




The shed includes a inspection pit (which isn't full depth and will probably be covered with timber) and a wagon turn table which would allow a wagon (or loco) to be turned and moved off the running line.



I had cut some ply to form the inset for the track but having seen how well the Sculptamold worked on the walls I think I may just use it on the floor. I'm thinking I want to go for a 'rustic concrete' effect - something that looks patched up and laid at different times. I'm thinking that maybe there were original pads installed for the heavy tools (power hammer, lathe etc) and then the rest of the floor was concreted later.


The door lintels just had some scrap ply inserted when I added the Sculptamold, I intend to add proper lintels either of timber or maybe a modern replacement RSJ. The window lintels are just carved stone (I think I need to make these more pronounced). The windows are only a scale 5' wide which I think is narrow enough to cope with just a stone lintel.


It has made a nice diversion from CAD and MERG electronics.



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