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56049 part 1

The Fatadder


As mentioned on my layout thread I have been distracted by another loco project

with a Hornby class 56 that Will had modified to fit a new cab so that it has two different ends.   It will eventually be

finished in Transrail branded Dutch (with white numbers at one end and black at the other). 

My work so far:

Minor chassis repairs

Fitting of Extreme Etchings horn grills (with a different version at each end)

Extreme Etchings jacking point covers

Replica high intensity headlight (at one end only) 

BR built windscreen (EE etch) fitted to the new end 

Hornby’s awful roof grills were removed in advance of replacing with the EE etch.  For the moment I have removed the original

etches and refitted the frames ready for mounting the new etches.

EE etches for the Loadhaul improved cantrail grills were fitted.

Doors will be refitted post painting to

simplify masking 


Remaining work:

fit roof grills

replace a missing cantrail grill, the aim is to fabricate this from a spare bodyside grill (as I don’t fancy changing all of them

I have a set of etched bufferbeam steps to fit (along with the usual Dinghams / air pipes)

a tiny bit mod

filler is needed on the joint 

then I can paint…

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