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Fun Town - Replenish Wagon.




Here's a few images following the construction of a 'Replenish Wagon' for 'Fun Town', this wagon will supply good's to the market stall wagon's parked outside both 'The Mart' and by the 'Cattle Dock' area. The wagon carries it's goods in tray's that match those used on the market stall wagon's. Construction of the model is very similar to the market stall wagon's which have a split frame live chassis for DCC led lighting. Unlike the 'Market Stall Wagon's', care was taken to make sure that short circuits from the buffer beam's were checked during the construction stage, rather than later when the model was nearly finished. This is the first and least rediculous of a four wagon project.


What is Fun Town ? : Fun Town is a  small table top module that can be used alone or form part of a larger unit, it fit's like a jigsaw piece to the Walls Traverser Cover to create a small 36" x 18" layout over the top of Snitzl Town's traverser.


Done so far : Overhead Tram, Jules Verne's Flying Ship, Steam Operated Traverser, De Snitzlton, Market Stall Wagons and a Replenish Wagon.

Still to do : Steam Tram, Animated Wagon's, Animated Figue's, Hot Air Balloon, Interior racking & goods for the Warehouse and anything else that may be appropriate,

in other words, a bit of fun.












Thanks for Looking.

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I think what I like so much about Fun Town is that it combines precision and imagination. These wagons illustrate it well.


Don't know how you've managed to make those trays look so organic either, couldn't tell they were metal if I didn't know.

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