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Summertime Blues (Livery that is !)






Having spent years in my display case in it's original form as 10001 a rainy day saw it 'updated' into a new guise as 34001. The story goes that the Research Department at Derby rescued it and have now used it as a testbed for Traction Motor research. Seen leaving Watford heading a southbound Parcels service.




Looking south through Harrow as a 47 hauls a northbound freight through on the Down Slow Line. A pair of 501s head off for Watford.




Heading north out of the tunnels at Linslade. An Express overtakes the North Wembley to Widnes BOC tanks.




Heading south out of Harrow. A Willesden bound Freightliner passed by an Express for Euston, and a pair of 501s clatter off all stations for Euston. Traffic is at a standstill on the road bridge !




47164 heads a northbound Freightliner past the Sports Ground at Headstone Lane as an 87 heads for London on a service from Wolverhampton.




The Stirling to Kensington Olympia Motorail service swings round the curve on the approach to the tunnels at Linslade.

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