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The 'New' Peco Parkside BR 13 Ton Coal Hoppers




Because I grew up in the days of King Coal and was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne it's not surprising that

I fancied a few of these new coal hoppers. They didn't last too long in the required sector, but were used

for many other products, even sugar beet ?

In my opinion a super little kit, very little to complain about and I'm currently running 2 without any decals.

Must road test before finishing, partially while trying to decide what loads to add, be it sand, coal, iron ore,

sugar beet. The load will help regarding the very light weight, with nowhere to add much invisible ballast.

They weigh in at 11.06 grams, with a shred of lead in the voids behind the buffers I've reached 12.46 grams.

Much to my surprise one in lightest form was able to pull 33 wagons around my garage layout that has some

1st radius curves. A bonus from trying to run my stock in it's lightest reliable condition, having said that the

Bachmann 3F Jinty couldn't pull the train, but a Hornby J94 could !!.

Seen in a much shorter train :-




Geoff T.

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As always they look better weathered and in service !





The first one has the earliest markings, no black panels. My second may yet have the early markings IF I can be bothered

to make up such small running numbers consisting of 7 digits each side. If you've tried working the HMRS BR Freight Stock

pressfix sheet you'll understand what I mean.

Brilliant runners at under 12.5 grams each. I'll prefer to run that light rather than spoil the outline and underneath with

lead weights afixed. Adding weight in a load no problem, but won't I be doing them until back orders arrive.


Geoff T

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