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Johnson Street IEMD - Layout update - painted backscene and fiddle yard access track




6th September 2021


Whilst I was chasing Cans and Dysons, my eager beaver @amertonman was pulling my backscene and cracking on at pace to get my layout finished off.


The idea is that a long enough fiddle yard siding will be sufficient to rotate the loco movements to depict their movements in and out of Johnson Street IEMD.


This is all good progress ... i am actually pinching myself :-)


OLE's coming soon .... Wooooooooooooooo !!!!!!


Then my fully functional depot scene becomes an electric depot ... 


060921 - Extension track for the fiddle yard - for changing round loco movements.jpg

060921 - main stage with backscene.jpg

060921 - Rear of the backscene - looking good.jpg

060921 - Rear of the backscene - layout overview.jpg



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