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Boxfile part 1




So after a lot of procrastination (oh yes...), here's a first look at my upcoming boxfile layout.


The setting is deliberately vague (or just inaccurate), somewhere in NE France between the late 1970's and mid 1990's. When finished there will be two boxfiles joined end-to-end, with a road overbridge to cover the join. There will be a sector plate or fiddle yard at one end (accessed through a tunnel portal), representing the rest of the SNCF system. In the photos 70001 is arriving light engine from its home depot at Chalindrey.


There will be one siding for assorted freight stock and locos, possibly awaiting repairs. The other siding will be a (very) small oil or lpg terminal, as I have seen several photos of mainline sncf diesel and electric locos with trains of only 1 or 2 lpg tanks. I will probably also work in some decaying heavy industry.


I'd love to do prototypical trains of 20-30 grain wagons, but it's never going to happen....


So there you go. This will probably take a while to complete (sorry), but any comments and suggestions are welcome. 






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