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Penmouth Harbour Diagram

Ian J.



I've knocked this up today. Took a while to get that subtle curve in, AnyRail doesn't provide any tools for quickly doing curved shapes so shape control points have to be added and aligned by hand:




Note that, in the fiction, the 'goods yard' is a late addition to allow reworking the demonstration freights away from the main station of Tynworth. In the fiction's original idea there would have been no freight sidings for the railway as the station was for boat trains only, and the port handled all the freight. However, with the 'rebuild' of the port to use its western entrance for bigger ships, and all but close the eastern entrance (where this station is), this land was used for general storage of port equipment. The land was returned to railway use when the heritage line was able to afford the re-opening, and there was seen to be a significant tourist revenue to be had for people visiting The Pen (the large island of rock at the harbour's mouth).


Note that I've attempted to add appropriate signalling, but I'm in no way sure it's right.

Edited by Ian J.

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Hi Ian,


The curve really makes the layout seem more organic.


Signal box looks in a good position to minimise rodding runs - don't forget signaller needs safe access there.


I'd check the locations of the shunt signals out of stabling 1 & 3. Usually, for a six-foot interval, the foul point is where the converging lines are just parallel. Eg. loco right at signal in SP1 could get sideswiped by another entering SP2.


Does the goods yard exit need to be a main signal to allow better speeds?  If there's another main signal offstage then maybe not.


Not trying to be critical but easier to fix at design stage if it needs moving - especially if the siding length is tight for the stock you want to use.



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There's plenty of time before any of these get built, except Penmouth Waterside which is already part built, so adjustments are easy to do. I'll shift those stabling point ground signals along a bit to give a bit more clearance. The speeds on this line are pretty low as it is a heritage operation so having running signals for goods or port exits isn't necessary for that. However, I'm not sure what the signalling in and out of the port line should really be so there might need to be something added there. Much up the line is of course off stage, but it's useful to know what it should be so that, if I really want to, I can model the levers and other equipment in the signal boxes correctly.

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