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Restoring an Oxford Dean Goods pt3

The Fatadder



A delivery from Brassmasters today with the remaining parts for the Dean Goods, I have replaced the oil pipe cover with the Finney part (which has a little more meat to it than the Oxford one).  A pair of Finney lamp irons were added to the footplate (I think these were missing on the base model), I am debating replacing the end lamp irons as well.  Finally on the engine the Finney smokebox door dart was glued in place.



Moving onto the tender, a pair of Springside break / water scoop handles were glued in place.  Another lamp iron was glued into position on the rear of the tender.  The biggest change was to the tender top, gluing in place the  Finney dome  and filler.  The dome needed filing down to size to get it to fit, (part being hidden under the coal).  


If the the weather is dry tomorrow it will get primed (and hopefully sprayed into wartime black)


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