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Lima LMS GUV/CCT reboot part 3




This project is reaching it's conclusio  and I am pleased with the results. 


I opted for hand painting the body which was achieved using 5 thin coats of Phoenix Precision BR Blue. The Roof was painted humbrol 166 light grey. I failed to spot the cantrail and roof ends are painted br blue so I am currently applying coats in the correct places. 


Transfers are modelmaster, the numbers being applied individually. 


The body was sprayed halfords matt laquer which I impatientpy sprayed on a cold afternoo  after work which did not leave the best finish. There was also a bit of froating on the underframe from humbrol matt spray, again applied in poor conditions. 


Weathering is carr's powders applied by brush and fixed with a vigourous but short shake of a humbrol matt spray varnish. Anymore and the colours become muted. 








5 amp fuse wire was used to model the safety bars on the windows. Couplings are roxey etched screw links which will be manually coupled and uncoupled. 


Finally, the roof will be completed with light weathering and completion of the blue painting. A spot of white on the brake wheel should draw an end to this most enjoyable project. 


Lima BR GUV and Lima BR CCT next I think. 

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