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Cheddar Signal Box




Well it's been a while since I posted anything on this thread, almost since the beginning of the first lock down in fact.
Whilst I have been concentrating on my Stonehouse St James covid layout in the intervening period, I did decide to complete the signal box for Cheddar. The box itself is a Saxby and Farmer Type 3 and as I noted last time, this was drawn up in Coreldraw and the parts cut by York Modelmaking. What followed was a fairly simple assembly of parts, correcting the various mistakes I made along the way or, as is normally the case when I unearthed a photo after the event showing that some of my assumptions weren't correct!

The sides are 1mm MDF with the brickwork pattern rendered . The windows are Rowmark, stuck to perspex with spray mount. The plinth is Slaters plasticard. The interior is an old Springside kit I had kicking around. I think the levers are painted correctly! Tiles are York self adhesive and other bits and pieces are odds and sods of plasticard, wire and a bit of perspex for the lamp. The nameplate was custom etched by Light Railway Stores.

As with all things, now it's finished I can see a few things that niggle me but the funny thing is the front of the box will face the operators, not the public when it all gets plonked onto the layout. There's a bit of weathering required to the soffit boards but overall it's getting there.

Happier to report that a house move shouldn't be too far away now. Rest assured the new abode has suitable space for layout erection, albeit not all at the same time!

IMG_0106 (1).jpeg
















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  • RMweb Gold

Lovely Box. Nice subtle glazing/windows and those rounded "toplights" are appealing.


Good luck with the house move. "Suitable space for layouts", eh - am very envious! :)

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2 hours ago, Miss Prism said:

Were the steps really white?  (Good for visibility though.)

Good question! Photos I have seem to show them in light stone and off white/ light cream


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2 hours ago, Mikkel said:

Lovely Box. Nice subtle glazing/windows and those rounded "toplights" are appealing.


Good luck with the house move. "Suitable space for layouts", eh - am very envious! :)


There’s a 19ft clear run in at least two rooms and a 16ft square garage. It’s all about priorities!!!

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Sounds good. Especially if the rooms and garage can be connected! :)

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