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CR D21 Loco coal wagons, part 1

Dave John



I have been relaxing a bit, doing some layout maintenance and just running trains. All is now running smoothly and I can sit back and watch…..


Well that was the idea. One of the problems with having a real good clean up of the railway room is that you end up with a nice clear workbench. All the tools put away tidily, the materials stocked in the right drawers. Yes, well. They say nature abhors a vacuum. I think we should change that to plasticard abhors an empty workbench.


So a read of the wagon book, a look at some diagrams. Diagram 21 Loco Coal wagons. All easy shapes to cut on the silhouette, stick them together. Add a few bits of wire and brass and I end up with a couple of wagons.


A pic of them in the raw state ready for a spot of primer.




Compared to a photo.






In the last blog Mikkel noticed the old dumb buffered pig iron wagon sitting there as the GCS passed. It is a funny wee thing, pre diagram and based on a photo. It is a bit of a pet wagon, probably the first scratchbuilt EM wagon I made way back about 1990. It really does look like wood, because it is made of wood with brass bits stuck on. The bolt heads are just spots of epoxy. Rather crude perhaps, but I’m rather fond of it.



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Very neat builds. The Dia 21 wagons look convincingly sturdy, you wouldn't think they are just bits of plasticard. Same goes for the pig iron wagon. The dumb buffers help of course.


That lamp in the last photo, I assume it's the DCC Concepts/Gaugemaster ones? Interesting to see it on your layout, as I have some myself but never used them as I feel the lamp housing looks overscale. However they look fine in your photo, so maybe I should reconsider.


PS: Hope I didn't ask this before! Don't think so, but as time wears on I find I'm beginning to repeat myself...


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Cheers Mikkel. I like making simple wagons of this sort, sometimes I think overlooked in modelling terms. 


The lamps were a direct from china thing through ebay.  Similar to the gaugemaster ones, but a lot cheaper and in basic primer. The link from my original order now goes nowhere, but there are other suppliers. Easy to take to bits, fettle, paint and simplify a bit. 


This is a clip from the 1950s of an original pair at Partick Central. Took BR a while to change all the signage. 



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Dave, can I ask what are the dimensions of the lamps please. Would they be suitable for 7mm scale ?

Can you provide a link to where you purchased them from. 


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Hi Airnimal'

This is a pic of one as supplied.




I have had a trawl through the internet trying to find a supplier. The link on my original invoice via ebay no longer goes anywhere, it was 5 years ago. I suspect that they may have been made by the same folk who made the gaugemaster ones, the construction is similar. Some shops still have them.





Hope that helps a bit. 

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Interesting, I didn't realize they had been available from anyone else than DCC and Gaugemaster. The combination of that lamp housing and the angled  (rather than round) post is quite characteristic.  Maybe someone 'accidentally' got hold hold of the drawings from the factory :)


I like the idea of using the lamp housing for a 7mm scale job.


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Dave, looking at the photograph that you kindly provided they do look suitable for 7mm scale with a bit of modification.

Can I now ask from what material they are made from ?


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They are a mix Airnimal. The top cover is plastic, glued to the "glass" plastic block. the support and parts round that are thin metal , possibly a brass. The post is plastic moulded round a fine brass tube. Illumination is from a gow lamp with very long tails. I found the assembly glue to be crusty, a scrape with a scalpel took it to bits easily. 

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