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There's no point rushing into these things




I think I've said before I have problems finishing anything. I have half built locos in O Gauge (x2), O-16.5, OO, 3mmFS, and 2mmFS.  


The 2mm one, a "scratchbuilders aid" for a LSWR Class 700 from Worsley Works has been sitting around for at least 15 years, still all on it's fret with 2mm Society wheels, a worm and three gears (if only I could remember which one was supposed to go where), bits of PCB and, somewhere I hope, a motor. I've also got a plan of the loco. I know this because I've found a photo copy I did at 2mm to the foot, but no sign of the original 4mm one despite looking in "all the usual places" (absolutely everywhere I can think of!).


So, yesterday having waited only a decade and a half I rushed in and started with the tender. I've decided I just need to get something built, if it looks right, great! If it runs well, amazing! If it looks right and runs well... let's not get carried away.


What a place to start! Bending 4 round corners, bending 3 flares, doing something clever with solder and files at the bit where round corners and flares combine. maybe I need another 5 years to think about it.


Helped by the kit design  I bent the corners round a brass rod and got something I'm happy with. There were no major issues with bending the flares, slow and steady seemed to work. I'm going to have to check the angle on the plans as currently they're just by eye.


I've decided to solder the sides to the footplate before doing the magic bit with the corners as that seems to involve a lot of filing that will possibly benefit from a secure base and happily tacked them together, badly as I now see on the photo.


But, I had fun doing it and if it doesn't turn out to be a masterpiece so what, at least I tried. 


Tune in for the next thrilling instalment... sometime around 2027 at my glacial pace. 



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