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Phase 2 - Bridging the gap.....or across the shed door. A South Wales Viaduct.




This was supposed to be a mock up so I could work out how the railway was going to cross the shed door  to form the circular layout I wanted.  Then the mock up worked so well, I just got stuck in!


I was determined to have a Walnut Tree style viaduct, all girders and spindly, with the valley far below.  The valley you see here is only 20 cm below the bridge deck simply because when I made the valley deeper, the valley sides would have exceeded 45 degrees and it just looked wrong!   I wanted the valley to have the following....a double track railway line (an early competitor to the Gwynraven line), it also had to have a river, a main road and a garage.  This makes the valley floor quite cramped which is typical of the Eastern Valleys Lines around Blaenavon.  I took great care to make this module to scream South Wales, even if there was no loco or stock on show.


The road,river and railway line are on a skew to add scenic interest. The railway line in the valley is cut in to the valley side and will feature a retaining wall. on the right side of the railway line is the river.  There will then be a stone wall and then the road with it's Esso Garage.


The viaduct deck is 3mm ply.  It is going to rest on brick pillars, one of which is in the middle of the viaduct, squeezed between the river and the road. The girders are probably going old Peco ones as I have some to recycle from the old layout.


The whole unit is a lightweight box which lifts in and out and can be bolted into place also.  


All in all a successful bank holiday.


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This is the view from the valley floor.  The  layout is 4 feet off the ground so I know I can sit here watching those South Wales Coal trains and local passesnger trains rumble over the bridge, scarcely noticed by the people below.


This view does mean that I'll have to model the underside of the viaduct in some detail though!


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....."Made in Scotland,from Girders" went the old Iron Bru advert.......and I need girders for my viaduct.


In the box of bits from the old Gwynraven layout were 4 Peco Truss Girders which I had used on a preceding version of the viaduct. Here you see two girders stitched together to form a longer girder.    The abutment on the valley side will be built up so the girder end is embedded in the wall, not simply dangling there as it is now.


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This is the top view  of the viaduct. The 3mm ply top will be suitably covered to represent the metal viaduct.  The sleepers have been cut to represent the rail running on baulks on the viaduct deck. The river bottom is in place,the road is has taken shape.




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