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#6: Mk1 SK Conversions




Following on from the FK repaint, the next Farish coaches for attention were the Mk1 TSO (cat 374-016) vehicles which needed to turn into Corridor Seconds in the 18XXX number series (1986-88 condition, following their BR repaint from Blue & Grey livery).


Work here included: changing the open interiors for corridor interiors; moving the Network SouthEast logos to the right-hand end of each coach and the coach number to the left-hand end; removing the orange cantrail stripe; removing the end roof access steps and handrails at one end; and replacing all the roof vents to represent the later-build lots from 187XX onwards which had in-line vents. The first 3 are complete and I'm still working on a few more, one of which will be an example from the 186XX series with B4 bogies and earlier roof vents.


Next up will be the BSKs.



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