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Back to the LCB (part 3)




I am about 2 baseboard modules away from the first turnout on the top deck of the layout. I want to use servo motors to power them and had purchased a CANMIO from MERG which I was yet to build up and figure out how it worked.


I decided to therefore spend several afternoons in the Christmas / New Year Holiday setting myself the task of building it and programming it.


Got it all built and tested no problem and then had an issue with the installed firmware so installed a different firmware (with some assistance from other MERG members) , found the right menus on the programming tool and hey presto got a servo working from the panel test unit. So that was very good news. I then started making an underboard servo mount which I need to test out on the test track board since this first point is quite a long way back from the front edge of the main baseboard. Once all thats working then its back to building baseboards. This one CANMIO will power all the servo motors on the top deck, as the top deck is DC (and not so prone to polarity change problems) frog switching is done by an in built microswitch but when I come to doing the DCC layout I might look at installing frog juicers.




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