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Surveying the land (in photo's)...




I have taken photos of the layout space.  It is still under construction and the outriggers that are sticking out show where there will be a slight horizontal increase in the real estate of the layout.


The door... is to a cupboard that is rarely used.  We have every intention of clearing out the cupboard and re-arranging the internal storage to pack more in and get rid of what we don't need, but we don't intend to access the cupboard very often.  The outriggers lie at the ends of the boards so you can see that the portion in front of the cupboard door is designed to slide out and considerations for this will be made when I add the backscene and lighting valance that will be [art of the baseboards.


The two lengths of track cross at the corner where the upper level tracks will cross over the lower level freight lines.  As you can probably tell from the positioning of the coaches, the station will be on the left and I need lots more Southern Ry rolling stock!  I do, however, intend to run plenty of LNER stock too.






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