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To complete the carriage types needed for the late 80s Thames NSE rake I upgraded a Mk1 BSK and created a Mk2A BSK to run with the Mk2A FK and Mk1 SKs

The Mk1 BSK (35475) had some minor tweaks from the existing Farish 374-193 model. NSE logos were removed and replaced at the right hand end of the passenger windows, a parcels cage added from another Farish BSK and roof vents changed to the later, in-line pattern above the compartments. The orange cantrail stripe was also removed. The position of the NSE logos appears to have been a depot-specific choice initially; Old Oak formations seem to have had the logos applied to the right-hand end of the coaches when repainted from Blue & Grey livery in 1986/7, whereas Euston Downside had theirs on the left and this appears to have been standardised from 1988 onwards. Many formations out of Paddington had a mix in the late 80s.


The Mk2A BSK (35500) was a conversion from a BSO. Other than swapping the open half of the interior for a compartment interior, modifications were much the same as the Mk1 with the cage this time coming from a TPM etch. Farish seem to have a been rather inconsistent with their half-brake cages; some batches have the mesh represented whereas on other models it has been omitted completely.


As ever, 2mmFS wheels have been swapped in and transfers are from Railtec




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