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Deltic Prototypes - Dapol Body Ready for Blue



So here it is the Dapol/Bachmann/A1 combo primed ready for painting






Love those A1 grilles. Now all I need is someone with an airbrush and lets see if they can be finished for the Warwick show, or maybe the Nottm Show ;)


If anyone wants to take the Lima version off my hands then it will be in "Bring and Buy Corner" on Summat Colliery at a forthcoming show :D


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Another good job. I recall an article in Model Rail where they used Halfords Skoda Baltic Blue so that's what I did on mine. Not a bad match. If you want to see that colour in the flesh let me know and I'll nip it in on the way home from work.

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Thanks Guys, I'll keep you in mind Brian, but I do have to take a trip over to Derby to see Dr Dirt (Roomey) ......


I have 4 tinlets of Humbrol "Deltic Blue" that I picked up with the Craftsman kit from a fellow webber. I should have loads spare


I've got the MR article, ramrig kindly supplied it with the Dapol kit and Fox transfers/plates

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