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O Gauge - Further Work




Evening all,


Since yesterday's post, I've been working all evening tonight on the layout, mostly on the scenery but I've also made the rest of the kits I brought for this, a Vent van and a Toad Brake Van. Both went together as well as the other truck (meaning that the fourth and final truck for the layout will also be from the peco range as that's all it will be able to hold and a engine). While they were drying, I have brick papered my Station (which has improved it a huge amount) and added the first of two layers of grass scatter to the grassy areas (the glue I use is shocking for holding the stuff down first time................)
















Quick Question, How should I go about ballasting the track though as I normally ballast the track first then lay the track?


Until next Time,





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  • RMweb Gold

The usual way is to pour on ballast and use a paintbrush to shape the sides and clear the sleeper tops. Then pour on diluted PVA and allow to set. You can use strips of masking tape to prevent it spreading to wide. Beware you can 'float' the ballast around. The PVA will darken the ballast. I also found that althouh the ballast had stuck it had not fully adhered to the baseboard and odd lumps came off while being transported upside down to exhibitions. I am now trying spreading a little PVA between the sleepers before spreading the ballast.


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  • RMweb Gold

Paint the sides grey ( assuming you are going to paint them) before fixing the hand rails then just touch up afterwards.


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@ Scale7JB: Patience? what's that? I'm joking. I'll most likely finish the scenery and then I'll consider installing the likes of those.


@DonW: Thanks for that, I was thinking that but wasn't sure on how as the glue I use has a tendency to peel off under any sort of pressure. I'll give it a try.



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