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Kyle - on the Fiddle - Part II

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Update - This evening some trains ran :icon_eek:...but only in the fiddleyard. The second session of working on these has now finished which included making the single cassettes and also wiring between the brass sleepers and the brass tubes below. Testing was undertaken to determine if the brass connecting rods performed okay and after resolving one stubborn dry joint :icon_mutter: the class 24 ran smoothly across the joints.


I now really need to get back to completing the two turnouts on the scenic boards so that detailing of these boards can commence.


I have just received some nice etches of LMS/BR rail built buffers which need to be assembled and also have taken delivery of a number of Stephen Harris's terrific wagon kits.


As Willy Wonka once said...so much to do and so little time to do it in...


A few pics of progress...minus the wonka bars...



Scenic boards left and fiddle yard boards right...


Close up showing brass rod connecters...


There should be just enough room to hold a variety of rolling stock in the cassettes...


The double cassette will remain joined - the singles will be split as loco lifts if required...

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Clean, compact and ingenious - true to style and once again fully in line with your screen name :)


It's amazing that the casettes are made from card, I know it's 2mm but I would have thought it too flimsy. Obviously not. I guess for 4mm it would be though, but maybe foamboard could work there. Thanks Pete.

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Donw and Neil - Many thanks


Mikkel - Thanks also. I am pondering dropping the 'neat' bit from my alias as this was a nickname acquired 20 years ago from my architectural model + drawing abilities, however amongst this forum, neat I am not...especially my soldering skills :icon_mutter: - lets see how this little project turns out though :unsure:


The card is pretty strong and the brass tubes/rods beneath are partly structural to strengthen the join however it seems to be ok lifting on and off at present. As you say, probably 2mm can accommodate that but the weight of 4mm rolling stock is significantly different so perhaps 5mm foamboard...or even 10mm could be better. Once I knew the depth I just lowered the corresponding supporting bases to align with the tracks on the scenic boards so depth was not really an issue for this. Perhaps a few quick mock ups in foamboard would answer that better?



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Thanks Pete, I'll store the tip for possible later use and might try a mock-up or two in due course.

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Looking good as usual Pete, I do like the cassettes. What do you use to glue the foam board?

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What do you use to glue the foam board?


Bryn - Thanks - I use PVA and in fact this time, as it was close to hand, the EASITRAC glue. I never used to, previously using a mixture of UHU and double sided tape however I think I read the PVA tip on the forum here, possibly from Mr Nevard.

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