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Deltic Prototypes - Lima Finished

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Well havn't I been busy whilst the forum was down. The Lima/Crafstman DP1 is finished and ready to find a new home






To confirm the spec:


Lima Deltic Craftsman conversion kit (minus etched whiskers and side stripes)

Fox waterslide whiskers and sidestripes (the ones with the black edging)

SE Finecast flushglaze with cab door windows using Humbrol Clearfix

Paint: Humbrol Deltic Blue and grey primer protected with Krylon Matte Coat


Pretty pleased with this one, if I can maintain the standard of finish on the Dapol/Bachmann one I should have a good model to confuse a few punters at shows laugh.gif



For sale ad in classifieds here, I will haggle wink.gif EDIT: now sold to traction of this parish

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These are some great articles especially since I'm planning to build a DP1 deltic in the near future using a Lima chassia and Dapol body.


Just I'm wondering if you modified the bogies at all on this model, they look like the Lima ones?

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Yes, this one is 100% Lima chassis. The Dapol bogie frames would not fit these bogies at all. If you are considering a Lima chassis with a Dpol body go with a 37 chassis, the bogies are nearly right and at least OO scale!

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