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Kyle - Getting there...

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Update - Good morning - the soap opera that is, my turnout constructions continues but hopefully will soon conclude.


I continued with the hybrid last posted with the mix of PCB sleepers and EASITRAC chairs fixed with cyno but alas, once again, it all fell apart around the commonn crossing (note to 2FS Association - a range of pre manufactured common crossings would be great for ham fisted clowns such as I ;) ) so out came the recently arrived by mail EASITRAC sleeper strip.


If at first you don't succeed...chuck it in the skip and start again...so am now building the turnout offsite rather than insitu and will transplant it on the layout when complete. Once again, the common crossing jig and I have fallen out so I am adding these rails individually either side of the frog. It almost runs smoothly, albeit a bit of tweaking required...hopefully next post it will be sorted...at last :icon_yawn:


Few pics attached...



Turnout now being constructed off the layout...


Some tweaking required around the common crossing...don't look too close!

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Not being critical. A few points that might help;

1. The cyano bond can be destroyrd by heat. All soldering should be done first.

2. I believe cyano needs the presence of some moisture to set. This is why parts sometime seem more willing to stick to your fingers than each other. I think you live in warmer parts?

3. I couldn't get on with cyano until I tried the small pots with a brush in the top. I now find it easier to get it in the right place and nowhere else.

regards Donw

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Thanks Donw,


All comments gratefully received.


For these, I have dropped using the cyno and am now back using the Butanone as recommended by the 2FS for construction of the turnouts.


With the cyno, I always breathe over some hot air on the joint and this seems to accelerate it...depending upon how much alcohol has been drunk previously!

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Great progress Pete, it really does look the part. Have you decided on how you are going to operate your switch blades yet?

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Hey Bryn - Thanks,


On the previous version, I had soldered two droppers from the switch blades, soldered beneath the trackbase (foamboard) to a PCB sleeper, which will be connected via wire in tube to a DPDT switch. All a bit Heath Robinson, but if I used tortoises they would fill the boxfile in their entirety, let alone the weight issue!

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oops....Note to self...must stop replying to posts using an Iphone as it can't handle the RMWeb software :unsure:

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