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Luggage painting

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Another weekend over and where did all the time go? With no outstanding husband work due (lawn mowing, gutter cleaning etc) apart from baby minding and nappy changing I resolved to get some modelling done. On Friday night I put together a shopping list for a model shop tour the next day. My Saturday departure was delayed by an unannounced visit by a doting grandma and aunty to see young Dougie. Leaving 3 hours later than expected I commenced my 300km round trip. Yes, 300km! I could have waited and just ordered the stuff over the phone and internet, but occasionally wandering the isles of good model shop brings an added reward.

I spent a good few hours rubbing the luggage van with the fibreglass brush, getting a bit of a shine to it. It struck me them, must be all that army training, that to polish brass to use brasso. So I did, I gave it a good soak and then a good scrub and rinse in hot soapy water. I let it sit over night in an air tight container, to make sure nothing reacted to it. First thing Sunday morning I gave its first undercoat and let sit in the sun. With the warm weather I reapplied the undercoat over lunch.



While waiting for the paint to dry, I moved onto the Vic Rail AE coach. I had painted the sides and ends the night before, after having sprayed the undercoat during the week. The instruction suggested that the window frames be painted prior to assembly, to assist in this it came with a sheet of 'quickmask', an adhesive vinyl which had all the window recesses cut-out. This I did, but still managed to get some of the paint to seep angry.gif , probably because I brushed painted as opposed to the recommend air-brushing. This will need some more touching up. After allowing it to dry I assembled one side of the coach with some quickset PVA. So far so good.



5 hours later I moved back to the luggage van. Next coat to go on was the green. Now its starting to look good. Some minor touching-up is still required and the solebar and underframe have only had one pass of the paint-brush. Thanks to Etched Pixels, I re-read the instructions and realised the plastic roof supplied is meant to have the brass etch attached to it.




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Hmmm, all those visitors and no comments..... :huh:


Congratulations Ben, on a very nicely built model. I wish my first brass kit had looked so good. I think I mentioned previously that this was a good choice: no tumblehome but plenty of fiddly bits to attach and test your soldering skills. The photographs bear testament to the quality of your work, always one of the cruellest tests. The shot in primer is especially good.


I look forward to seeing the completed model. I'm sure others have said these vehicles usually ended up dirt coloured, the ironwork on the sides ripped the brushes in automated washing plants to pieces and no-one was going to handwash them.



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Thanks Michael, for a first attempt at making a brass etch kit, I'm quite happy with it. it maynot have the correct bogies, but it runs well. Kevin of Oz has now followed suit and we've most of this evening discussing various ways to to get the brass roof section right. Also need to find the appropiate transfers.

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