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Kyle - First train runs...sort of...



Update - Its been a while since I updated partly due to work commitments but also because I assumed that people were probably getting fed up reading about my track building soap opera...I know I was.


So finally after a few more trys, scrapping the turnout last posted, I constructed them using a few PCB sleepers around the common crossing area. This is the bit I am still struggling with but at least it completed the turnouts. Obviously my preference was to complete this layout using solely EASITRAC however, the clock was ticking, I made a promise to exhibit this on 15 May and I did not want to let people down.


Due to the time left (49 days :icon_eek: :icon_eek: ) I have had to make a few decisions with regard to rolling stock. It is unlikely that I will get a chance to start any of the Stephen Harris excellent wagon etches before the show so as an interim I will be reusing some of my old Peco and Farish wagons of 20 years ago, rewheel them to 2FS standards and fit DG couplings, with a view to gradually phasing them out.


In terms of operations, its DC operated with turnouts changed using wire in tube and a DPDT switch for polarity and a handul of isolating sections to hold locos. When I first plugged it in last night nothing worked :lol: until I realised that I had to swop over the wires for the turnout DPDT switches :icon_mutter: however, the class 37 then ran on the straight platform road (grumbling slightly over the turnout) and back again. It also ran through the other turnout into the siding by the quayside without issue.


And then...not sure what I have done (or not done) when you set the turnout for the loco release I cannot get anything to run, ...not sure if it is shorting and I don't have a resistance meter etc but for such a small simple layout I am baffled why it doesn't work...any suggestions would be greatly received.


Also, have been working on 37420 which now incorporates TPM correct etches for the 37/4 (Thanks Bernard ;) ) and also had a first coat of paint for the grey roof and yellow front ends as it will be in Large Logo livery which no Scottish layout can do with out!


Other than that, off for a few days vacation so I wish you a Happy Easter.


A few pics attached...



Overall from above...Boards have been remade in grey card...


View from station end...


Gaps in sleepers and tidying up still required...


Bachfar 37 converted to 37/4 to be 37420 Large Logo livery...


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Have you remembered the gap in both rails between the two points? When any points meet frog to frog there needs to be a gap in both rails. As Nick says check the gaps in the pcb also look out for slight contacts at gaps place a piece of paper between the gaps to ensure there is no contact.


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Nick - Thanks - Will do


Donw - Thanks also - I think so because there is a natural break between the two boards and I didn't bother connecting wires at this point as not required. Must be something simple as its not the most complicated layout to wire...one would think :rolleyes:...

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