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Saltney, Making good(s) progress

Jon Fitness


Making a bit of progress with the goods shed for Slugworth.

It's not a model of any particular goods shed but a conglomeration of odd pictures I've seen and a major influence is the 4mm scale Townstreet LNW style goods shed that "Coachman" has made in his Buildings blog (thanks for the inspiration Larry :D )








I'll be using some resin window frames from Invertrain and yes I know it has different styles on each side. Couldn't decide which window shape I preferred so I used both.

As this Foamex material I'm using won't accept "Plastic Weld" (a bit odd as the last offcuts Steve gave me would :blink: ) I'm using superglue to bond this lot together. Must remember not to drop it as it will probably drop to it's component parts.

I've done the inner loading platform and the "shoulders" round the base of the walls (whatever the name for them is and cut some skylights in the roof. I'll be doing a little office to go on the end next.


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