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North lights on Scalescene warehouse

Fen End Pit


A Bank holiday seemed like a good time to do a bit of building work and finish off the roof of the big warehouse behind the viaduct. The Brassmasters etchings made the northlight units quite rigid though cutting them all to a different length to match the profile of the backscene was a bit of a faff. I had decided that one end of the building would house the lift shaft so this got a block house on top to house the lift mechanism.




From track level the building now looks quite impressive. I still need to add some pipework etc which will hide the joint between the front and side sections.





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Guest Oversetts Models


cracking job david,you should be proud!,regards,bob

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Impressive is the word. I've stored this for future copying (although pale imitation is probably what will result).

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Just says 'East London' to me, lovely stuff and a brilliant example of using card too!

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Its a delight and a top quality combination of artistry and engineering skills.

Best regards


ps you might be interested in my Aldersgate project: any input most welcome!

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