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Roof bending + UFO's

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I managed to find some time to week to resume work on the luggage van. After several phone calls to the Sithlord up in Longreach, I made an attempt on the roof. With no previous experience with rolling brass, I was a bit hesitant to start with. To get the main curve of the roof I used a piece of 20mm diameter steel pipe and rolled it on a computer mouse mat. For the edges, I clamped it 1mm in from the edge in the hold-n-fold and then used a 3mm diameter brass rod to turn-up the ends. After a couple of trial fits and fettling I glued the brass roof detail on to the plastic former. Once it had set I drilled out the holes and fitted the ventilators. From there it was a couple coats of under coat and then a spray of grey for the roof.


It turns out that the Sithlord has over taken me. In the space of 1 week he has made-up his luggage van, painted it and fitted the window grills. http://sithlordsrail...01_archive.html

My only saving grace being that I’ve fitted bogies to mine and run it on my layout.


Whilst waiting for all the paint to dry, I dove into the box of UFO's to see what I could find to finish-off. What I found was a partially built Ultima 42' LMS bogie CCT. I cleaned it up, added the under frame detail, cut the roof to size and fitted the ventilators. I still need to fit the following:

  • handrails on the other side
  • strips on the roof
  • grills on the window

This kit is currently being upgraded by Ultima and it should hopefully be a fold-up kit and do away with the whitemetal ends.



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Better and better!


That roof looks great Ben, with a nice uniform profile end to end: I've seen a number of roofs made from styrene with an unfortunate dip in the middle. My few scratch-built roofs are simple arcs and so far easier.


And hasn't Sithlord had the advantage of just ended school holidays? And your bairn only a few months old? This round to you I think...



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