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Hi Mark,


Yes I'm afraid Horsetan is correct they need leaning back a bit more, they look like a white metal casting ? so it shouldn't be to hard to shave some off at the back of the cylinder. I am presently building a 42xx with a straight footplate (7mm) and there is actually a slight cut out to be put in on the footplate valance to miss the cylinders, although that does not affect your model as the footplate rises over the cylinders which then exposes the slope you need. Enjoying your blog,


All the best, Martyn.

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Hi Martyn,


the cylinders are made up from nickel silver etches, maybe I got the top fold slightly wrong, so that it is not as tight as it should. I'll have to take a look and see if I can do anything about it. Have you got any pictures of your 7mm version of the 42XX anywhere?



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According to PDK's own publicity photo here:




it looks like the cylinder etch as designed will not allow you to achieve the top fold without modifying the etch itself. That means filing back the angle of the "top front" and "top back" (i.e. in the valve chest areas). You will have to unsolder the wrappers and move them out of the way to do this - not easy as nickel silver only allows you to bend a very limited number of times before parting company!

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