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18 - Kyle - Progress...

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Update - 18 days left and a bit more progress.


I have constructed the base for the wall on the backscene and also the base of the road bridge which will act as the scenic break to said fiddle yard. The wall (as in the previous mock ups) is pre-attached to the backscene as will be the station building modelled in relief. I am experimenting with the backscene which will probably be some cut and paste and photoshop images from Kyle. Sorry about the 90° corner to the backscene as I can't get a curved one to fit in the box...however as someone once mentioned on the forum, a backscene is better than no backscene :rolleyes:


The bridge will be built as an independent piece which is partially supported on the wall of the station and is also supported from a small strip of cardboard on the otherside which forms part of the fiddle yard backscenes. I wanted to make the road bridge be the physical link between the front and rear backscenes and I am comfortable with this as I did not want to create another abutment on the viewing side (in reality it spans quite a distance, hence the deep concrete beams on the prototype)


The card support is retractable formed from another low tech solution using grey card - cheap but effective.


Also constructed a rail built buffer stop from Chris Higgs. Nice etches but my shocking soldering abilities led me to cheat and assemble it with superglue :P ...To avoid short circuiting the tracks, I have attached the horizontal to a slither of clear plasticard and attached this to the tops of the rail heads. If I switch on and get humming and blue smoke I will rethink this.


As a back up in case I didn't finish my Class 37/4 I managed to win a second hand Bachfar LL Class 37 on ebay from a fellow RMWebber so I will swap the body with my rewheeled 37 as for me, you just couldn't have a BR Blue version of Kyle without a LL 37 in the mix.


The layout will be flown in for the Burgess Hill Model Railway Club exhibition on 15 May 2010 and I have just posted some details of the exhibition on the link below.




A few photos attached to show progress and hopefully explain the above in a lot more detail - expect a flurry of postings in the next 18 days as I try to keep a cool head ;)



View towards buffers...and 90° backscene...


Buffers using superglue...sorry but my soldering skills are pathetic at present...


walled ramp is attached to the backscene...and fits in the box, the depth allowed between top of platform and track...


Support for bridge slides from behind front backscene...


From the front awaiting positioning...


Positioned...and awaiting details...


Am hoping to recreate one of the most photographed shots from the bridge at Kyle...

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Thanks Donw...I guess I am finding others things to build rather than do the ballasting :rolleyes:...

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Hi Pete :)


I do love the way it all slots together. Everything you do is so neat, its fantastic.


Missy :)

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Hi Missy - thank you for your kind comments.


Only managed time to complete the other buffer stop late last night so I won't bother posting just for that - The PW track maintenance team will finally arrive in Kyle this weekend as I can't put them off any longer ;) Pete

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