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13 - Kyle - Progress...

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Update - managed to progress some more this weekend with a few hours each day.


Most of my thinking and planning of the layout is done is my sketchbook with an espresso. I have attached a few examples of recent issues with Kyle which have been drawn through as ideas to resolve. These include the integration of the bases to the stock box, the internal face of the backscene including uncoupling magnets and the most recent, the slither of water at the front.


I cracked the way to do this was make a seperate 'watertight box' in plasticard which is attached to the front of the layout, detailed and painted and then some 'realistic water' will be poured in.


After one final check of running, I sprayed the track a base brown colour but did not ballast today as I realised my PVA is the EASITRAC adhesive which is quite quick drying - so ballast starts tomorrow. The station building has been mocked in card including a removable canopy and once again, as the ramp, this is permanently attached to the backscene and will sit on top of the platform.


I am guessing I will not be finishing the station building in time for the exhibition but I will start to try and overlay some plastic sheeting very soon.


A big thanks to Andy (aka BackwaterScotland) of this forum who has helped provide me with protypical info, images and even a station elevation to date.


A few more pics...



Sketch of rolling stock box...


Sketch of internal backscene layout...


Sketch of resolution of water at front of layout...


Preattached ramp and station to backscenes...


Track sprayed, station and ramp in place, base for water made and layout awaiting ballast...

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Good to see that it is progressing Pete


Thanks Kris - There's nothing like a deadline (12 days) to help with ones focus! Pete

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