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Class 67 Detailing

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The Fatadder


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Resurrecting a topic from the old rmweb,


I've just set about making the final changes to my artwork, and hit the email button to send it off. Looking forward to getting it back and finally being able to finish off my fleet!


Having a serious think at the moment about my choice of locos, with the Hornby EWS management train pack looking incredibly tempting. Just wish they would do it without the name (and include a set of etched plates), as really I want it with the original name......


My planned fleet comprises:

67005 in Royal Train - Detailed Hornby

67006 in Royal Train - Respray to match the Hornby model.

66009 in EWS - This will be a complete respray to get the colours right

66029 in EWS Silver - Detailed Hornby model, with nameplates removed.


Amongst other things listed in more detail on oldRMweb, work includes a complete rebuild of the underframe to correct the bogies, separate components and correct the headstock/front fairing. Lots of etched bits to improve the body, new wheels, sprung buffers (Hornby 60), full lighting and finally the two lima models (what will be come 006 and 009) will be getting replacement motors.


Hopefully the etches wont take too long to come back to me, and all being well they should be available soon....









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I've absolutely zero interest in the prototype from a modelling point of view, but those etches really do look good. They'll transform the Limby 67, no doubt about that!

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Really looking forward to getting them back from the etchers, hopefully wont be too long. For those who are interested, assuming this works I will have 4 locos worth going spare. Not going to know the price until I get the invoice back from the etchers, but it aught to be roughtly comparable to what Shawplan charge for a similar amount of parts (the development costs of doing these has been pretty substantial given the number of tests that have had to be done, Hoping that the sales of the 67 (and mk1 bits) will fund the development of my next couple of designs (which are being worked on at the moment.)


This includes etched walkways for the ex Bowaters china clay TTAs and ECC TDAs and hopefully PRAs, etched HST roof grills (which will enable the conversion of the Hornby model to the alternative types so that I can finally get the roofs of my HST fleet accurate to the numbers I have modelled!) and finally I am looking at doing an etched sprung chassis for both the Bachmann clay hood (which will be the first chassis I attempt) and the Cambrian Mermaid (more of a long term project that I'd much prefer to talk Pixie into doing!!!)

On the seriously long term project list is the plasser Network Rail track recording DMU, but I want to get a lot more experience of design work before attempting something so complicated.


I am also going to at some point have to etch a load of parts for the bridges on Bodmin.......

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Afraid there are none left at the moment, more are in progress however at the current time I dont know how long this will take.

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Rich, I'm still interested in a set of the etches when they're available again. I missed them last time around.



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