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Saltney, It's all good(s) stuff.

Jon Fitness


Well, it’s been a while since the last update and we’ve been busy with a lot of things, not all of them layout related.


The signal gantry seems to be behaving itself and has settled in well. I think I’ll eventually convert most of the signals to servo operation as the operation of them makes things like basic interlocking and route selection much easier to install (when I get round to it!).


Steve has laid and wired up the rest of the track in the high level station and made up & labelled the control panel.




It is now possible to send trains from station to station without using the main line control panel. Passing trains between us using the block instruments is quite therapeutic and has brought a new interest to the operations.




The goods shed has tested my somewhat limited modelling skills but is finally now reaching completion. I broke a sacred rule of not making a model of a model but it seems be turning out reasonably well.


I’ll have to tell Steve; next time I offer to build something like this tell me to stick to signals. They’re a bit easier!!






After painting the stone work, I called in to check that the goods shed still fits in the hole I carved for it and after a few minor adjustments, in it went. There’s still lots of painting jobs and there’s the roof, guttering, downpipes, office door/window/chimney and signs etc to do. I will be fitting lights in the building and it also needs an internal wall mounted crane and the office fitting out.




Just as I arrived, I noticed 42663 sat on the turntable in a rather fine shaft of sunlight. It was a nice photo op, but I only had 4 minutes to take a snap or 2 before the light moved.






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Those three or four minutes were very well spent - lovely pictures. especially the middle one. You can almost see the dust in the air.

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