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Ahhh, that's better....




After yesterdays trials and tribulations, one of the first things I did this evening, once home, was to turn the boards around to see how it would look viewed from the opposite side to the original plan.




I think it works better - I'm much happier with the appearance of the layout now, it just works better IMO.


The mugs and herb jars are the storage tanks, the CDs are the loading canopy and the coasters are a small office building. The Bachmann boxes by the far wall are a low-ish relief building for an industry that shares part of the oil terminal yard.


I've taken the opportunity to check out the photographic angles as well, and it's going to work much better this way round. Here's a rough idea of how the layout will look from a distance:



And some of the possible angles:





I'm happy now that it's showing a bit more potential :)



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Hi Pugsley,

I must admit I liked the layout from the other side when I saw your pics the other day, but having seen the pics above I think you have got it. The slope does need to be at the front. Now you can crack on and get the track layed and wired up, you will be playing trains by the end of summer.tongue.gif laugh.gif


Cheers Peter,

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Guest Phil


Nice work Martyn.


Who is the thieving scrote who nicked a wheelset out of your 455 bogie !!!!!

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It came back like that after it was trialled on Merseyside ;) :lol: :lol:


Thanks Peter, I think the end of the summer might be pushing it a bit! :D

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