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Old friends return...

Jon Fitness


Some old friends have returned to the layout recently;


My JLTRT 10001 has spent too long on the shelf at home and needed a run out and Steve’s Springside “Foxcote Manor†made a welcome return having been crocked for a while.




Also, a couple of Ex Talacre signals have been planted and are awaiting their servos to operate them.





A batch of Metcalfe stone card has been unearthed and pressed into service, on the long wall round the edge of the LM station. We’re not sure if this wall can be covered permanently as there are point motors behind it and we haven’t come up with a successful “access†solution for them yet. No sense using expensive embossed plasticard and going to the trouble of painting it if it all needs ripping out to access the PMs. The Metcalfe stuff will do for now and looks acceptable (to us anyway!)





As Steve and Les got fed up of waiting for me to build something in the hole behind the loco siding, they did it themselves….





Nice “lump†fellas! Serves me right I suppose….(Note to self….must work faster!)




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